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To a child, a bouncy castle is endless hours of fun and excitement. But to an adult, a bouncy castle is an insurance nightmare. There are two worst-case scenarios that need to be considered: damage to the inflatable itself and, a far worse scenario, injury to one of the children playing on it. Bouncy castle public liability insurance is a must if you are in the business of renting such inflatables.

Most business owners will require a deposit and request that those hiring an inflatable must sign a waiver. This offers real protection from a nightmare scenario, though? First of all, it is impractical to charge a deposit equivalent to the price of a replacement inflatable. If your bouncy castle is damaged by a customer, you could be faced with the full cost of replacement.

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Protecting Your Business Properly!

Secondly, waivers offer some protection but a plaintiff may still choose to pursue a claim of gross negligence if they feel that the hazard was beyond that which may be reasonably expected. Fighting these claims is expensive, but not as expensive as losing them. Ultimately, it’s impossible for consumers to sign away their statutory rights, and your waiver will be no protection against perceived negligence.

Compare bouncy castle insurance deals with both of these issues by insuring the inflatable, those using it and even the staff required to operate it, if this is part of the product you offer.

Protect Against Damages

The products liability portion of your policy will offer protection against any possible damage to the inflatable itself. The nature of your business and the nature of your inflatable may require that you offer a certain amount of oversight to hires, but if it is damaged through no fault on your part, then you will be able to claim the cost of repair or replacement. Accidents happen, and a good public liability insurance policy could mean the difference between bankruptcy and having a new bouncy castle the following weekend.

Cover for Injuries is a Must!

Injuries on bouncy castles do happen, but are often relatively minor and can be dealt with by a standard first aid kit. If everyone follows the rules and you provide adequate support, then serious injuries should never occur. However, anything is possible. An unforeseeable and serious injury may occur to a child playing on your inflatable, or to a staff member that you have provided. In that case, whose fault is it? If you are found to be the one at fault, the settlement cost might really deflate you.

What Cover Do You Need?

Comprehensive public liability insurance means that it’s not the end of the world if you are liable for an injury. Your policy will cover costs, ensuring swift medical care for the person affected without putting you out of business.

A child might think that they can hire out inflatables without appropriate insurance. An adult knows that a critical element of their inflatables hire business is a robust bouncy castle public liability insurance. And you would be amazed at the reasonable premiums and additional benefits offered by some of those policies.

Go ahead, compare bouncy castle public liability insurance or inflatable insurance prices for your small business.

Compare bouncy castle insurance - click here

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