On this page, you can learn about us and what we do for small businesses here in the UK.  We started in 2015,  our main goal was to help small businesses understand what public liability insurance is and why small businesses need it and where they can go to get a discount on their insurance, which really helps at the end of the day.

RobertHello my name is Robert McLeary,

I am the owner of ePublic liability insurance. co.uk.

I set up this business not only to help small businesses but to give you another look at public liability insurance as I needed to offer something else and different to what the insurance company could offer you.  Why would you use us and why are we so different and why would use us instead of going directly to the insurance company?

I can give you a different perspective of public liability insurance as I know it is a simple insurance but some large insurance companies do not explain it well, there is so much information out there about this type of insurance and it can get really mind boggling.  I like to put things in a simple way, a simple way where anybody can understand me not just for the business side of thing.  There are so many businesses in the UK,  and my goal is to help every single one of them if I can.

There are so many business owners in the UK with so many different needs,  where do you turn to and how much are you prepared to pay for liability insurance for your business?  What type of business do you have?  Does your business really need public liability insurance?  Can you really save money on public liability insurance or are all insurance company the same?

These are the types of questions I get asked every single day by small business owners,  I try to answer them the best I can and to the best of my knowledge,  as my knowledge is extensive in the insurance marketplace because I have been in the insurance business for nearly eight years.  I have been marketing insurance websites for around six years with great success,  although I am not regulated by the financial conduct authority, however,  I can guide you towards the proper insurance companies and talk about their policies in more detail than  they do.

If you really need to contact me you can do so on the contact form available on my website,  I will try to respond as soon as I can but please remember, I do get busy, so it might take at least 48 hours before I get back to you.  If you’re looking for a policy why don’t you use our comparison tools by clicking the get a quote button at the top of this website, have a look.  I really hope my website offers something unique for your small business and remember I have set up a special link with a great comparison service so you can save up to 35% of your policy.

These tools are absolutely free to use so you don’t need to worry about being charged or getting spammy emails from insurance companies trying to win for your business.  Your email address will not be spammed or sold to any other company,  so please feel free to use our services starting from today to find your small business a great policy.

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