Building Contractor Public Liability Insurance

Limited Company Public Liability Insurance

Whether you are a building contractor, tradesman, or a DIY business owner, it is essential that you get building contractor public liability insurance for your business.

Using The Brokers and Insurers Here Today

You can get in touch with public liability insurance brokers who will help you sign up for a cover. With several public liability policies available all over the UK, it is important to select one which is tailored to suit your business needs.

Having a public liability cover is highly recommended for people or businesses whose work involve interacting with members of the public or working at client’s property.

This is because it protects them and their businesses against any compensations claims as a result of injury to members of the public or damage to client’s property.

What It Covers?

Public liability insurance covers all costs involved in the compensation process ranging from legal fees to NHS costs relating to ambulance calls and hospital treatment.

Even if you are running a small business or a startup, you should not assume public liability cover as minor accidents such as coffee spilling on a customer’s laptop might end up attracting compensation.

As a businessman, getting in touch with public liability insurance brokers to get covered will help your business in that;

  • It will give you financial peace of mind with the knowledge that your business will remain afloat even if you lose a compensation claim case.
  • Some customers, councils and government agencies require public liability insurance cover before giving out any contracts to businesses
  • It is a requirement by law that some businesses e.g. horse riding must have a public liability cover before getting certified
  • Having a public cover will enhance your business reputation as being professional.

Some of the considerations that you will have to put in place when selecting a public liability cover for your business include;

Reputation of The Insurance Comparison Site You Choose

With some insurance companies going under, it is important to select one which has a good history and reputation. Reputation will enable you to know that your insurer will come through and pay all compensation claims against your business.

You can find out the reputation of a specific insurer by checking their reviews, both online and print or using a decent comparison site like ours to find better online prices.

Features and benefits of policy given

You must assess the public liability policy being offered to your business in terms of features and benefits. Any good policy must be one which suits your business needs and has extra features that make it attractive.

Services offered by the insurer

The insurance company should be able to advise you on a regular basis on any changes that may affect your policy. They should be able to offer added services like legal advice to enable you to make the correct decision.

To get the best policy for your business, it is important to speak to public liability insurance brokers who will be able to explain to you in detail the different available policies from and help you assess how each policy will benefit your business.

It is important to give the liability broker all details of your business to enable them to come up with the best building contractor public liability insurance for you.

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