Public Liability Insurance For Cleaners

Public Liability Insurance For Cleaners

The Importance Of Public Liability Insurance For Cleaners

If you work in the cleaning business, you are exposed to certain legal risks as a cleaning contractor or individual cleaner. This may be due to negligent actions committed in the course of your cleaning duties.

Such actions can result in lawsuits from affected clients and other third parties. This can lead to compensation being awarded. Consequently, you will have to settle such compensation out of your own pocket, if you are not covered by public liability insurance for cleaners.

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance for a cleaning business is designed to indemnify you for any loss caused by your negligent actions while working. This could be damage to property, personal injury to other persons, or denial of access.

Denial of access may occur when your negligent actions prevent access to premises. This may result in financial losses. Your insurance will cover any loss for which you are partially or fully liable for.

This is as long as it occurs during the period in which your cover is valid.

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Common exclusions

Public liability insurance policies may exclude certain negligent actions from coverage. These may have to be purchased separately, and will vary from one company to another.

They include damage to property being worked on, treatment for damage caused by cleaning chemicals, loss of client’s keys, or failing to secure the client’s premises.

For cleaning contractors, exclusions may include theft by your own employees. It is important to find out what is covered or excluded from the policy before purchasing it. Ideally, you should purchase a policy with as many inclusions as possible.

Cover for property worked upon

Unless your insurance policy specifically states otherwise, most public liability policies do not cover property worked upon. This is for an action brought against you by a third party, claiming your negligent actions resulted in damage to their property.

Property, in this case, does not refer to the building, but to items such as windows, rugs, and electronics among others.

Common claims relating to this type of damage are usually very contentious. Most cleaners will insist on having done nothing wrong. However, this can be difficult to prove in court, resulting in the cleaner paying the cost of the damage.

This makes the cover for property worked upon extremely important.

Employer’s liability

A contractor who employs cleaners is liable for the negligent actions of his employees. This means that a suit can be brought against the employer if personal injury or damage is caused by his employee.

For this reason, employer’s liability insurance is purchased alongside the public liability cover.

The insurance policy will, therefore, indemnify the employer, should a compensation claim result from the negligent actions of his cleaners.

Public liability insurance for cleaners requires that you do not admit liability when a claim arises. Report any incident that may result in a claim to your insurance company as soon as possible. You are also obliged to provide any information pertinent to the claim.

Failure to do so may result in the compensation payment being refused by the insurance company. This will force you to pay compensation out of your own pocket.

Public Liability Insurance For Cleaners